Goodbye Ducati

Goodbye Ducati

It’s a sad day in the White Dalton Offices today as we wave goodbye to my Ducati 600SS (I finally had to agree with others that I really wasn’t likely to ever ride it again as it was no match for the Triumph 675).

The bike was sold to Dave Wood Racing who specialise in road and race preparation for motorbikes as well as literally everything else motorbike related.

Dave is a great, straight-talking kind of guy who has done several bike MOTs and servicing through the years for employees of White Dalton and he has crazily now agreed to sort out the mass of electrics John is hoping to add to his beema.

I am pleased the Ducati has gone to him for resale, and I hope it then goes on to a deserving new home. Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy getting out and about on my Triumph 🙂

Posted by Jamie Wilkins. Last modified: June 17, 2010 at 12:00 am

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