Motorcycle road positioning

Motorcycle road positioning

Today I found myself riding a large section of my journey with a lady on an SV650. Apart from firstly being pleased to see more women out there enjoying the road, then secondly thinking I far prefer my bike and kit (sorry bikerbuddy, just being honest!), I found myself noticing that her preferred position in the carriageway was always just left of centre, and wondering why.

In terms of using less road space between us, this actually fitted well with my preferred position on open road – If you imagine slicing the carriageway into three, I tend to sit pretty much on the righthand line you would have just drawn. I find this way I can usually see the whole of the driver side and rear view mirrors – the two I think drivers use the most.

I would be interested to know if any readers have ‘usual lines’ and if so, whether they are for particular (or perculiar) reasons, or just out of habit.

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