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All our solicitors ride motorbikes. Our real knowledge of and passion for motorbikes means we share a common interest with our clients and it's this enthusiasm and commitment we bring to each and every case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more common motorcycle accident questions we get asked

Q. Are you no win, no fee?

Yes we are. This is also called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

Q. Do you deal with motorcycle filtering rules & accidents?

Most motorcyclists filter, overtaking down the outside or between lines of traffic, believing there is little point in having a skinny motorcycle and sitting in traffic with fat cars. However, when an accident happens it is almost always alleged that the motorcycle was travelling too fast without proper regard for other road users.

Q. Road surface accidents?

Defective road surface motorcycle accidents is a relatively complex area of law where we take on very many cases that have been rejected by other solicitors. Most of these cases take around three years and some can go on longer. We use very special tactics in these circumstances and our strike rate of winning these cases is high.

Q. SMIDSY motorcycle accidents?

It is almost inevitable that speed is alleged in the majority of motorcycle accidents, whether this is from direct observation or just on the basis that “the motorcycle must have been speeding because I did not see it.” For speed to be relevant it must have made a material difference to the accident circumstances. Put bluntly, if someone pulls out three feet in front of you then you are having an accident.

Q. Who is to blame for my motiorcycle accident?

Even if the other party should accept full responsibility they rarely do. Motorcyclists are often regarded as rebels with scant regard for the law, travelling at excessive speeds with no consideration for other road users. The realities are completely different, with statistics confirming that in 2/3 of collisions between cars and motorcycles car drivers are at fault.

Q. What motorcycle accident injuries do you deal with?

Everything from soft tissue, ligament damage, fractures and the more serious injuries. The hardest part of any claim is usually the valuation of any injuries sustained. In the case of serious injuries you will almost inevitably receive ongoing or long term medical treatment, but who is providing for your family or making sure your mortgage is still being paid? When you have an accident the money may stop coming in, but the bills do not.

Q. Powell Vs Moody case law

Powell v Moody, whilst never having been technically overruled, is a case which has very limited use, is limited to its particular facts and is arguably completely out of date.

It involved a motorcycle going down the outside of a tanker on the wrong side of the road past a junction. Insurers rely on it because it was a great victory for them and it seems that few solicitors have actually read the case report properly

Q. I had my motorcycle accident in Isle of Man / Europe, can you help?

We can take on motorcycle accident claims that have occurred in England, Wales, Isle of Man or Europe.