Cycle Accident Claims

Cycle Accident Claims

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors understand there are many similarities between motorcyclists and cyclists with the problems they face on the road. We offer legal assistance to cyclists looking to commence a cycle accident claim if you have been knocked off your bike and wish to claim for injuries and damaged bicycle and kit.

Cyclists are even more vulnerable than motorcyclists as even low speed accidents can result in serious injuries. In comparison to motorcycles, cyclists cannot move off very quickly, at roundabouts for example. Between 2009 and 2013, 15 per cent of pedal cyclist KSI casualties occurred as a result of the motor vehicle involved in the accident moving off as the pedal cyclist was going ahead at a roundabout. Being involved in a bicycle accident can not only result in personal injuries but can also have long lasting psychological effects.

How to claim after a bicycle accident

If you have been involved in a cycle accident and suffered some form of injury to yourself you may be able to claim if the accident was the result of someone elses negligence. The starting point for initiating a cycling accident claim is to call us and speak with one of our SRA qualified solicitors. If you are at all unsure if you have a claim at all, please call us and discuss it with one of our solicitors – they are in the best place to advise you whether you have a claim or not. Typical scenarios where you will be able to claim for personal injuries from a cycle accident include:

  • Where a car driver or another vehicle was at fault
  • Manufacturing defects in either the bicycle or safety equipment such as bike helmet
  • A road surface accident, such as from a pothole or from gravel left on the road

They will run through the circumstances leading up to your accident, the other vehicles involved and whether there were any witnesses. They will then advise you of the likely outcome of a claim and the probable compensation that could be received.

How much is my cycle accident compensation worth?

The starting point for estimating the likely compensation for injuries sustained from a cycle accident is the Judicial College guidelines which publish a range of figures for common injuries. These are called general damages and are designed to compensate you for your loss of amenity. The exact amount of compensation you could receive depends on a host of other factors such as:

  • The accident circumstances
  • The severity of the injuries sustained
  • How long it takes you to recover from those injuries, or if they are life changing injuries
  • Financial losses such as income lost from not being able to work, bicycle damage or damage to bike kit

Why talk to White Dalton about your cycle accident?

We have been advising and claiming for motorcycle and cycle accidents since 1996. All of our solicitors ride motorcycles, so understand the risks faced not only by motorcyclists but also cyclists on the roads. Many of our solicitors also ride cycles. White Dalton is SRA Accredited and all our solicitors are fully qualified. We have the necessary experience to be able to advise you as to whether you have a cycle accident claim. Our solicitors will give you advise about your specific accident scenarios and the likely outcome. If we think there isn’t a claim we won’t “dress it up” but will give you our honest advise.

Call us on 0800 783 6191 to discuss your cycle accident for free with one of our solicitors. Alternatively send us a callback request and we’ll call you. We’ll run you through the process for making a claim and what is involved. There is no obligation to take anything further.

Cycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle traffic has been on a gradual increase over the years with more and more road users taking to cycling to work and leisure cycling, whether on a road bike, mountain bike or electric bike.

Cycle Accident ClaimsCyclists accounted for 11% of all road casualties in 2013. Between 2009 and 2013, 30 per cent of pedal cyclists killed or seriously injured at crossroads and staggered T-junctions – places where several roads meet a main road at a slight distance apart – happened as a result of the cyclist ‘going ahead’ and the other motor vehicle involved turning right or turning left and 20 per cent were as a result of both the cyclist and the other vehicle ‘going ahead’.

Junctions and roundabouts are an additional hazard for cyclists. Between 2009 and 2013 approximately 80 per cent of cyclists killed or seriously injured occurred at roundabouts and away from junctions as a result of both the cyclist and the motor vehicle ‘going ahead’.

Cyclists are also easily affected by side winds when being overtaken, in the last five years 13 per cent of pedal cyclist KSIs that occurred away from junctions was as a result of the cyclist being overtaken by a motor vehicle.

Bicycle / Motorcycle Comparison

It can be helpful to compare bike accident statistics with motorcyclists, another vulnerable road user group. Motorcyclists are also vulnerable at staggered T-junctions and areas away from junctions. Similar to cyclists, motorcyclists are also difficult to see at junctions however unlike cyclists, motorcyclists tend to move more quickly and are often killed or seriously injured when motor vehicles pull out at junctions.

Urban Cycle Accident Claims

Given that around 70 per cent of cycle traffic is on urban roads, it is unsurprising that the majority of cyclist casualties occur here (60 per cent of all pedal cyclist casualties in 2013) in comparison to rural roads. As well as the majority of cycling taking place on these types of roads, there is a greater chance for cycle accidents to occur due to the increased interaction between cyclists and other road users. Typically scenarios involve vehilces turning into the path of a cyclist, typically at junctions.

Rural Bicycle Accidents

In contrast, though, despite carrying only 30 per cent of cycle traffic, over half (58 per cent) of pedal cyclist fatalities in 2013 occurred on rural roads. Therefore accidents that occur on rural roads tend to be of a more serious nature than those on urban roads. The obvious reason for this difference relates to traffic speed. Urban roads have a much lower average speed than rural roads and it is this speed that causes the worse outcomes for cyclists.

Again, motorcyclists can provide a useful comparison. Similarly the majority of motorcyclist casualties (65 per cent) also occur on urban roads and the majority of motorcyclist fatalities (70 per cent) occur on rural roads.

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