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Banged to Rights

Banged to Rights

01 Nov 2006

What do you do when you’ve been pulled by the Fuzz? When are you looking at doing porridge and when can you expect a slapped wrist? Worry no more, Superbike’s very own freelance jailbird Bertie Simmonds, goes into the showers, drops the soap and then gets tooled up to find out the answers.

Courting Disaster

Courting Disaster

You’ve been pulled. The copper is glaring at you and you’ve got that sick feeling in your stomach. But fear not. There are always ways and means to turn points into pardons. Sometimes. SuperBike finds out when You’ve been pulled over. Don’t panic. Maybe you’re angry, maybe you’re upset, probably nervous too, or a mix […]

Caught on camera

Caught on camera

What about Gatso and camera offences?

Don’t ignore a summons

Don’t ignore a summons

That’s plain daft. Do ask for expert help. White Dalton are probably the finest firm of biking solicitors in the country and with them on your side you may avoid being bummed by Bubba when you pick up the hairy soap, but as Andrew says, sometimes it can work if you defend yourself: “It can […]

Don't ride with a dark visor

Don’t ride with a dark visor

If he’s pulled you for an illegally smoked visor, the offence is unendorsable, but you can get a fine.

Don't Go too fast

Don’t Go too fast

We don’t need to tell you to stick to the 30s and 40s do we? Good.

Don't ride a bike unfit for road use

Don’t ride a bike unfit for road use

Your bike must be roadworthy to MoT standard. Defects to tyres, brakes, steering etc, all carry a three point penalty if the cops spot something wrong.

Don't ride like a bike journalist

Don’t ride like a bike journalist

We do it to, ahem, examine the capabilities of our test bikes (your honor). You do it and you’ll get nicked

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