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When you pick a solicitor, you probably go on a mix of gut feel and recommendation and to a degree you just hope for the best. People in the know use Chambers rankings. It is primarily used by commercial users of legal services such as insurers and big corporates who need reliable market data about law practices and barristers. However, it is also a brilliant starting point for individuals looking to pick their legal advice carefully.

Chambers is an independent organisation which has been rating lawyers for many years. White Dalton come as highly recommended and you cannot buy your way into a Chambers ranking. To get in there you have to be at the top of your game. Independent researchers interview former clients, current clients, opponents, barristers (both the ones we use and the ones we have been against) and even judges and then come up with a totally independent analysis of where you sit in the market. Very few firms ever get “ranked” – the process is fierce and you need to be confident of your skills and reputation to put yourself forward. We come out of it pretty well.

Andrew Dalton is one of only four “leading individuals” as rated by Chambers 500 in the South East of England for Claimant Personal Injury. As this area stretches from Southampton to Milton Keynes, he has a lot of competition. Chambers 500 is the leading independent guide to the legal profession world wide. Chambers 500 also comments “Niche motorcycle practice White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors enjoys an excellent reputation in the market.” As the market really only involves the firms we are in competition with or our opponents this is high praise indeed. The word “excellent” does not get thrown about in the legal profession.

provides a dedicated boutique service for cases involving motorcycle accidents. Every member of the team is an active biking enthusiast, allowing the firm to provide specialist insight into this niche field

Chambers and Partners

Chambers and Partners states from client feedback that “They are honest, genuine, and work purely for their clients’ interests.” And as a “notable practitioner” Andrew Dalton is “exceptionally committed to his clients and to the work.” and having “a keen understanding of the technical and forensic aspects of biking cases”. Being a real biker and a real court room lawyer is a pretty rare combination.

You can’t get better standards than this from a more reliable source than “Chambers” – we are proud of what we as a small firm representing an unloved minority of road users have achieved. In our offices we refer to our clients by their first names, our clients are our lads (including the ones in their 70’s and 80’s) or our ladies. We do fight hard, with expertise and exceptional commitment for our “lads and lasses”. You will never just be a number at White Dalton. You place a great deal of faith in us by placing your injuries in our hands.

Our honesty comes from our independence. We have nothing to do with insurers or claims management companies. We neither pay nor receive referral fees and we never take commission from any of our experts. You would be surprised at just how rare this is in the legal profession. It is also unheard of in the claims factories where battery farms of unqualified claims handlers inadequately process claims, constantly looking for “revenue streams” of hire charges and “commissions” – or calling a spade a spade, a bribe. It is perfectly possible to be at the top of your game professionally without being a detached legal robot or a dodgy ambulance chaser looking to scalp as much as you can for yourself at every stage of the claim.

Legal 500

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors have taken niche practice to a new level, as their name indicates

The Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law FirmsThe Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law Firms
National Leading Firm 2013Leading Individual 2013

Their shared interest in motorcycling with their client base is reflected in their published client feedback, where the combination of skill, focus, drive, expertise and client handling is well regarded

They are a totally specialist motorcycle firm, where a full motorcycle licence with either a Barrister or Solicitor qualification are pre-requisites for a job interview. This level of focus has lead to a robust and expert litigation style. Unusually the firm is lead by an experienced High Court trial advocate and of the five partners four are qualified as Barristers, so the Court room is their natural environment.

White Dalton specialise in difficult motorcycle cases, and will regularly take on cases less specialist lawyers do not have the skills or nerve to take on. Andrew Dalton in particular in particular has gone on to win cases described as being “without reasonable prospects” by leading personal injury practitioners including QCs.

The firm brings a genuinely unusual skill set to this specialist area with the lawyers being very familiar with the law and authorities which arise from their small field, but unusually they are familiar with the specialist academic, scientific and best practice guidance for motorcycling and guarding this group of vulnerable road users against harm.

Their shared interest in motorcycling with their client base is reflected in their published client feedback, where the combination of skill, focus, drive, expertise and client handling is well regarded. Andrew Dalton is the legal Columnist and adviser to Fast Bikes magazine, Ride magazine, Bike magazine and the Royal British Legion Riders Branch.


The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured people

APIL is independent and provides accreditation for professionals who have achieved high standards of competence and expertise in personal injury law. To achieve accreditation lawyers and firms must satisfy specific and extensive criteria by providing evidence of their competency and experience in handling personal injury claims.

Andrew Dalton is accreditated by APIL. Andrew is a Fellow.