The little things in life

The little things in life

This morning was pretty much ideal – hazy early sunshine, bright blue skies, and clear roads thanks to the schools being on holiday. My commute to work is an hour door to door, and today I really enjoyed starting the day with a decent length ride on my Daytona.

And it was made even nicer by two small things. One: my tinted visor which I have now swapped back onto my Arai for another Summer season; two: my heated handle grips, fitted a year ago by OnyerBike. In a way it should seem odd to want those two together, but somehow it makes sense.

Bring on the Summer! I’m looking forward to the days being warm enough to swap into summer gear; we’re not quite there yet, but I am definitely enjoying not needing to layer up beneath my leathers anymore.

Posted by Jamie Wilkins. Last modified: April 20, 2011 at 12:00 am

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