The BMF shows are definitely a favourite with me. The atmosphere was friendly, people were a plenty, and thanks to the (incredibly) cold weather the show was soon a sea of bikers in their WDMS neck warmers.

We met up with some old and current clients, which was lovely. It is always good to put a face to a name, and given that we represent bikers all over England and Wales, we don’t always get to do that. Hopefully they didn’t mind that I was resembling a Michelin Man at the time due to the crazy number of layers I was sporting to keep the wind chill down.

As usual, there were some great bargains to be had – in particular Oxford and Hein Gericke seemed to be practically giving things away. The White Helmets (the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team) also put on a great performance… which oddly left me wanting to try riding my motorbike from atop a ladder.

I must also say a quick THANK YOU to the lovely man in one of the helmet tents who fixed a new part to the side of my trusty Arai, which I had managed to bust while changing the visor before riding up.

So, some 2,800 cards given out, plenty of models for our snoods, and a nice but cold weekend had by all. See you all at another show soon 🙂

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