Cadwell (water) Park

Cadwell (water) Park

Well it looks like I picked a good round to drop as it rained almost
non-stop on the Thundersport racers that made the trip to Cadwell last
weekend. There won’t be a more arduous round than that this year unless it
snows at Donington in July, I lock myself out of my van, sleep rough in the
paddock, and I forget my leathers and have to race in my pants like third
year PE lessons all over again.
During the long break I’m keeping fit with lots of cycling and even trying a
bit of pedal-powered racing to keep the competitive mentality sharp and give
the training an immediate purpose. I’ll post a pic or two soon.
I’ll also aim to get a trackday in before the next round at Snetterton. The
new circuit layout looks great and I can’t wait to take the ZX-10R there.

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