Oulton race two

Oulton race two

I was 5th in class and 9th overall and I’m really happy. Conditions were
drying all afternoon and it was a tough choice between wet or dry tyres. I
went with wets, along with the majority of the grid, but nearly all the
track was dry. Luckily, the few wet patches evened things out. I quickly
passed a few riders on dry tyres and then started reeling in some others on
wets. For some reason I seem to do quite well in these intermediate
conditions. With a couple of laps to go I saw Chris Barnes in the distance
and thought that at least he wouldn’t pull too many points on me for being
just one place ahead. I kept pushing and caught and passed him on the last
lap. Happily, another superstock bike got by him too, so the points gap
between us has increased slightly.
Also, a massive well done to my friend Sam for third in the RRV450 race. He
was right with the two leaders for the whole race and miles ahead of fourth.
It was a stellar ride that marks him as a top contender for next year.
All in all, a great weekeknd.

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Posted by John. Last modified: October 8, 2011 at 12:00 am

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