Mallory Park preview

Mallory Park preview

As previews go, this one is rather late. I wholeheartedly apologise. By the
time anyone reads it I’ll probably have finished qualifying. But then, until
a couple of hours ago I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of weekend I needed to
The first big shuffle came last weekend when my ZX-10R was sold. It wasn’t
supposed to go until after the last round this weekend but the chap who came
to see it really like it and was ready to pay the asking price, there and
then, in cash. You don’t send those people away, especially as race bikes
can be very hard to sell and it was co-owned with a RSRmotosport.
My entry to the last round was never at risk though. The streetfighter was
offered to me again so I’ll be able to defend my points position on that.
Mallory Park is even better suited to the GSX-R750 than Brands Hatch;
Edwina’s and the Bus Stop reward terrier-like agility and you’re rarely
upright. There are two straights but you wind up the speed onto both from
fast corners so powerful bikes can’t make the same sort of impact as they
can when drag racing out of a tight bend. Last year I set a best of 55.0s
here on the streetfighter. If I can do that again then I should be in some
decent positions for GP1.
So that’s that, except it isn’t, because someone made a suggestion that
initially sounded daft and a second later was unmissable. It began with,
“Seeing as you’re riding the Streetfighter anyway…” And ended with me
deciding, yes, entering both classes this weekend is an awesome idea.
The timetable works out well, I should only need one more tyre and it gives
me more practice for the GP1 races. I can’t think of a better way to end the

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Posted by John. Last modified: October 21, 2011 at 12:00 am

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