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Well, I won. It was flag to flag from pole with the fastest lap (a lap record) and by ten seconds. In F1 that’s called a grand slam. I call it a lot of fun. Although I wasn’t dicing with anyone it was such a pleasure to ride this bike on this track. By the time I saw +6 seconds on my pit board I started playing a bit, letting the bike wheelie more out of the last corner and even waving to my dad and friends at Redgate. On the last lap I hoisted a monster wheelie past the chequered flag.
Call me greedy, but I really want this last win of the year too and I plan on going for it. Once more unto the breach my Streetfightig friends, once more.

The 2008 season was my novice year, and I entered Thundersport’s top class, GP1, on a GSX-R1000 K4. Racing on a shoestring, with no back-up at all and riding the oldest bike on the grid, I scored strong results against fierce competition. These performances earned recognition and praise from commentators, organisers, and rivals alike, culminating in the club’s Rookie Of The Year award.

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