Race two

Race two

Race two was loads of fun, dicing with the Streetfighter B machines. I was fourth in class again and managed to grab sixth overall on the last lap. That’s the very best I could hope for this weekend, so I’m happy.
The FireStorm is going well for what it is. I tried to improve the set-up this morning but found that everything was almost on max already. It’s fun now and, as well as the chance to secure some points, it gives me the chance to ride this amazing track. The view over the bay from the top of the hill in this morning’s qualifying was unreal, bright sun reflecting off the sea but with mist still lying on the water and shrouding the distant mountains. No-one grumbles about the journey here once they’ve seen that.
Congratulations to Keith ‘Churchill’ Smith for another fine win in race two and comiserations to Chris Matthews who led until the last lap and just missed out on his first win. Denyer was third and will seal the title with two more podium finishes tomorrow.
I need to keep scoring on the FireStorm because if Keith keeps winning he’ll close the points right up ahead of Rockingham.
Have a good evening everyone.

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