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Dealt with professionally

Your specialist knowledge, attention to detail & sound advice is, in my experience, without equal. My case was dealt with professionally with both integrity & correct level of customer care, all issues being relayed in laymans terms guiding me through legal procedures.

10 Oct 2017 Scenario: LocalBusiness
Fast response

Clear and prompt communication, fast response, good sense of teamwork and friendly lawyers.

22 Feb 2019 Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario: LocalBusiness
First Class

Always professional, engendered trust. Excellent with good outcome. No complaints.

20 Nov 2017 Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario: LocalBusiness
First class

[Dealt with] very efficiently

18 Sep 2017 Scenario: LocalBusiness

[Dealt with] well, thank you

21 Sep 2017 Scenario: LocalBusiness

Sympathetic, supportive & professional

09 Oct 2017 Scenario: LocalBusiness
Professional, courteous and informative

The case followed the procedures I would have expected. Frustratingly slow sometimes waiting for responses from the other solicitors

10 Nov 2017 Scenario: LocalBusiness