I’ve got a mate who’s been in six months longer than me and he has just been revetted. It’s a hot topic at the moment and I’m expecting to get hit up on my 10-year anniversary.

Now here’s the problem. Over Easter I went over to Spain and rented a KTM 890 Adventure with a mate. I must confess I had the mindset that the Spanish Police and authorities can’t really do much to us Brits post Brexit, so we ragged it everywhere.

We were on a ‘spirited ride’ through a mountain town when I saw a speed camera flash. Later that night my mate (another police officer) laughed and said it wasn’t illegal if you were abroad!

The problem I now have is the Spanish authorities have written, directing me to pay a fine. I was doing 87kmph in a 50kmph zone. They must have got my address from the rental company.

I’ve read online that Spain can’t endorse points on my UK licence so I’m minded to ignore it. However, I’m worried about my revetting. What do you think? I would also add that I am in a road policing unit.


As you will be aware, police vetting is essential in assessing an individual’s integrity and so has a strong link to public trust and confidence in policing. Therefore, what will ignoring the Spanish Police/authorities say about you? Leaving that question to hang for a moment, I think you’re a class-A ball bag. You’re a policeman in a road policing unit. 50kmph zones are for built-up areas and you’re ragging through it like a private racetrack.

What would you as a British policeman say to the Spanish driver if you caught them ragging through a British village at 54mph in a 30mph zone? I suspect you would through the book at them.

Leaving aside the fact you have been an utter dipstick, it is correct that a foreign country cannot endorse penalty points on your UK licence. However, there is nothing stopping them pursing you for the fine either in the UK or Spanish courts.

I also have concerns that if you do not pay the fine and try to ignore it, you could be prosecuted in a criminal court in Spain (either with or without your attendance) and you will have turned a simple speeding fine into a much bigger problem as you will then have to declare a criminal court conviction.

My advice is that you want to avoid court proceedings either in the UK or in Spain as I suspect that may well affect your revetting. Practically, my advice is pay the fine. Then you will have to check with your police force if you have to disclose a Spanish speeding fine during any revetting. Even if you do, I suspect it will unlikely make a difference.

Andrew Prendergast

More Bikes June 2023