Luckily, both she and I got up and lived to tell the tale. However, my Ducati Multistrada on the other hand is a different kettle of fish and I have a quote of £3,850 to fix it. I am now in a quandary as to whether to claim off my fully comprehensive insurance policy or go after the lady.

She looked about 19 years old and lived with her Mum and Dad so I’m guessing she hasn’t got too much in the way of cash. My insurer is trying to put me off claiming from them saying it will affect my no claims bonus. They said will put me in touch with a third-party company at no cost to me and I will get a free hire bike etc. However, I am suspicious.


I am getting more and more calls of “helpful” insurers trying to put their customers off from claiming from them.

In short, YOU have paid YOUR money to insure a risk. If that risk happens i.e. your Duke gets trashed, then your insurer should pay out for that risk, if you want to claim. Simple as that. Whilst your no-claim bonus will be affected, your bike should be repaired and back on the road sooner rather than later.

Alternatively, you could go after the girl and you may even win 100%. However, if she hasn’t got the proverbial pot to piddle in, you will either never get your money; or it will take her several years to pay it. Neither is good for a speedy repair of the Duke. As for the third-party company, you’re right to be suspicious.

There is no such thing as a free lunch as they say, and they make their money off recovering/storing and hiring bikes etc. If you sign paperwork that says you’re liable for these costs, and they do not recover their outlay from the lady, guess who they will be coming after? You guessed it, you. One of the worst cases I have seen is a £17,000 storage/hire case when the bike had about £500 worth of damage.

Scandalous and a lot of stress for the poor biker they were chasing for money after they didn’t get it from the third party.

Andrew Prendergast

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