I’m sure the driver in lane three moved to her right so I could filter through. Once past her I sped up from 70mph to 95mph. As I’m a safe rider I wanted to make sure I was well in front of her.

At that point the blue lights went on behind me and I got pulled over. I wasn’t happy and told the policeman I was late for work and asked why he didn’t have anything better to do.

He didn’t say much but advised he was reporting me for dangerous driving. I told him I would see him in court. I want to defend it on the basis I was filtering and that is legal. Will I win?


As an aside, I understand the government is looking for negotiators to assist with Brexit. I wouldn’t suggest you put yourself forward as I don’t think your particular ‘style’ of communicating with people would help that situation (or any other for that matter).

As for the offence itself, this is not a case of filtering past stationary traffic at 15mph. This is undertaking at speeds of at least 70mph on a motorway.

This is text book “dangerous driving”. Therefore if the CPS can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your riding fell far below what was expected of a competent and careful rider; and it was obvious that to ride in that way would be dangerous then a court will convict you.

If convicted it’s a minimum disqualification of 12 months and you could be locked up for a maximum of 24 months; although that is unlikely in this scenario.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly June 2017