My question is now that we have voted for Brexit, can me and my mates head over and properly tear it up safe in the knowledge the Spanish Fuzz can’t do a thing? Ragging everywhere knowing I can effectively stick two fingers up sounds awesome.


Perhaps you arc nicer in person. However, from the question you sound like you just crawled out of a swamp. There is nothing worse than scallywags visiting other countries and flagrantly disrespecting it.

In answer to your question, we are not out of the EU yet. In addition, it’s Spain you numpty. So… if you break Spanish laws then you can be punished in Spain. The same is true if a Spanish driver came to the UK.

If for example Mr Spanish Rider had a few “cheeky beers” got on his bike and ran over a kid on a crossing he would get locked up. In short, while I like to have a ‘spirited ride! don’t be a dipstick and respect the local laws, wherever you ride.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly July 2016