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Cheffy and Clare attended the Bulldog Bash last weekend, here are some photos from the event.

Andrew has been riding motorcycles since he was 10 years old and currently rides a GSX1400 as his daily commuter whether it is sunny or snowing. In addition, he is currently restoring an old Honda CB750 K1. Andrew practices across all areas of motorcycle law, with his practice involving both civil claims and motoring defence work.

  • Rich

    August 20, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    There isn’t nearly enough mud in those photos! 🙂 I had the opportunity to have a good chat with Clare while I was wandering around the stands. It was nice to meet some Solicitors who are real people as well! I’ll be keeping your card on the fridge.

    Oh BTW Clare, the friend I was talking about who was hit by a copper is in good hands apparently. He is with your firm 🙂

    Rich, Nottingham

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