Accident Scenarios: Street Lighting

Defective street lighting can pose several dangers for a motorcyclist, including:

  • Reduced visibility: Defective street lighting can reduce a motorcyclist’s ability to see the road ahead clearly. This can make it harder for them to anticipate hazards, obstacles, and other potential dangers on the road.
  • Increased risk of accidents: Reduced visibility can also increase the risk of accidents. Motorcyclists may not be able to see other vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles on the road, and other road users may not be able to see them, increasing the risk of collisions.
  • Poor road conditions: Defective street lighting can also make it harder to see potholes, cracks, and other road hazards that can cause accidents, especially at night.
  • Reduced reaction time: When visibility is reduced, a motorcyclist’s reaction time can also be affected. They may not be able to react quickly enough to avoid a hazard or obstacle on the road.
  • Increased stress and fatigue: Riding a motorcycle in poor lighting conditions can be stressful and tiring for a rider, which can lead to fatigue and reduce their ability to concentrate and react quickly.

Overall, defective street lighting can pose a significant risk to motorcyclists and other road users. It is important for the highway authorities and councils to ensure that street lighting is properly maintained and functioning to help improve road safety for all.


06 Sep 2021

Very good

You took on my case after 2 others turned it down and won! Gavin was excellent to work with and won the award he said he would!

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