Did you know you have just three years in which to bring a claim for personal injury if you are hurt in a motorcycle accident? Understandably for many people the last thing going through their mind as they deal with the aftermath of an accident is making a claim for injury.

But as they try to reclaim their lives in the days, weeks and even months after the accident it is certainly something to bear in mind. Because the horrible truth is that time waits for no-person and if you leave it too late you may simply run out of time.

Obviously not every accident should result in a claim – and we don’t hesitate to tell you that plainly. Yet just as importantly if there is a case to be made our team are experienced solicitors, and leaders in the field of motorcycle accident injury. So why not contact us to talk through your case – just don’t leave it too late.

Incidentally I’m happy to say our client, who was the owner of this rather smashed up bike, did walk away (somewhat injured but not life-threatening) and was cheered to find her sat-nav had survived the crash too!