False Economy

False Economy

I got knocked off my Multistrada by a taxi driver about 18 months ago. The taxi driver’s insurer admitted liability and offered to deal with me directly about my claim.

The insurer chap was super friendly. As I didn’t want to pay a solicitor any money I thought I could save a couple of quid and sort it out myself. The taxi insurer paid for a bit of physio.

However, my wrist hasn’t got better and they’ve now stopped paying for it. I’m a builder by trade so I’m worried about my future as I’m still only working part time. The insurer chap has now been through my medical records and made a £2000 offer to settle. I don’t know what to do.


Call me a cynic, but insurance companies make money by being paid premiums and trying to pay out as little money as possible. Therefore, I suspect their motivation in dealing with you directly is to save money overall.

Unfortunately you’ve dropped a bit of a clanger in letting the insurer have your private and confidential medical records with no safeguards for you. They had no right to have them at this stage. £2000 sounds well undervalued if the injury is going to affect your earning capacity.

If I needed to build an extension I could have a bash. However, it probably wouldn’t end well. As such, my advice is paying an expert solicitor now may knock your case into shape and net you the right amount of compensation.

Andrew Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly February 2018

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