Powell v Moody – Filtering

Powell v Moody – Filtering

You are probably watching this because you have been in a motorcycle accident and someone has quoted the case of Powell v Moody and suggested you take 80% of the blame. Be careful before accepting, as every case turns on its own facts.

In Powell v Moody the biker was filtering alongside two lanes of traffic. If you were filtering alongside one lane of traffic this case may not apply.

The traffic had stopped to allow a car to pull out of a side road which the motorcyclist could not see because of the large vehicle in the inside lane blocking the view.

If you could see the vehicle pulling out and they could see you then this case may not apply.
The car was inching out slowly, if the vehicle pulled out very quickly across your path Powell v Moody may not apply.

If someone hasn’t considered the specific facts of your case then contact White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.

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