BMF Tail End Show Report

BMF Tail End Show Report

Jo and I have just finished the Tail End show in Peterborough. We would both like to thank everyone who came by for a card, chat or cup of tea. We both met lots of lovely people and had a great weekend.  It was also really nice of clients past and present to come and say hello.

We have to give a special mention to a certain biker from the South Midlands area (who will remain anonymous) who entertained us immensely with tales of his recent breakdown.  What’s funny about that?, I hear you say…. Well he had borrowed his son’s bike, because he was too lazy to move it out of the way to get to his own. His son’s motorcycle happens to be 125cc Marauder… strangely enough, the biker brotherhood failed that day.  Noone stopped to assist… and so he pushed the bike home.   The crown on that story is that he was so ashamed to be caught riding a 125cc Marauder which had broken down that he pushed the bike 8 miles home wearing full leathers and helmet with the visor down so no-one would recognise him. Apparently it took over 2 days for his lid to dry out. Respect to Graham from Oxon! Oooops.

A further special mention to all from the TL/Thumper Zone who once again looked after us in a spectacular fashion once the gates had closed. I’m really not sure though that it was actual ‘magic’ that made those Chinese fire lanterns fly though AJ.  Jo had a rather hair raising ride on a rather cool trike-  which isn’t your standard trike at all!!  Thanks guys.

On a wander round the show-ground we also managed to source Andrew’s ideal next bike for when the standard GS gets too much for him to handle in his doteage.  Ideal as it adds stability and more room for gadgets!!! 

Disclaimer: The legal advice and statements contained within this/these articles is correct at the time of printing. If you are seeking legal advice after a motorbike accident please contact us to speak directly with one of our lawyers.

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Andrew has been riding motorcycles since he was 10 years old and currently rides a ZZR1400 as his daily commuter whether it is sunny or snowing. In addition, he is currently restoring an old Honda CB750 K1. Andrew practices across all areas of motorcycle law, with his practice involving both civil claims and motoring defence work.


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