Motorcycle road positioning

Motorcycle road positioning

29 May 2012

Today I found myself riding a large section of my journey with a lady on an SV650. Apart from firstly being pleased to see more women out there enjoying the road, then secondly thinking I far prefer my bike and kit (sorry bikerbuddy, just being honest!), I found myself noticing that her preferred position in […]

Apologies for the rant but ...

Apologies for the rant but …

07 Aug 2010

The other day began with disappointment. On my journey to work, which that day was by car, I had the misfortune to come across “one of those” bikers. By that, I mean the ones that appear determined to give the rest of us a bad name. Maybe he had got out of the wrong side […]

Ear-Plugs continued ...

Ear-Plugs continued …

11 Sep 2009

Since yesterday, I have learned two new things about my ear-plugs. Firstly, when a house or car alarm a few streets away goes off in the middle of the night, and the sound feels like it is piercing your brain and you’ll never sleep again, these moulded ear plugs block out the sound completely. They […]

Farewell English Summer, Hello Winter Riding Kit

Farewell English Summer, Hello Winter Riding Kit

This week I have had to hang up my summer air-flo jacket for the last time, and switch back to the familiar old leather jacket ready for the winter. I can’t believe how sudden the drop in temperature seems to have occurred; the last few days have been quite bitter at morning commuter time … […]

Pillion Post

Pillion Post

03 Jul 2009

Most bikers I know who have moved on from riding pillion to riding their own bikes don’t enjoy it when they have to later ride as a pillion for whatever reason. This is something which I am positively grateful not to have experienced. I was introduced to biking by riding pillion on a Ducati 748, […]

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