Clear cut case clouded

Clear cut case clouded

05 Sep 2011

When those that are supposed to fight for you switch sides, who’s right?

Crash for cash scammers

Crash for cash scammers

23 Aug 2011

There’s a lot of unscrupulous drivers out there – but where do you stand?

Text SMS Compensation scam

Text SMS Compensation scam

09 Jun 2011

We have had some of our client’s contact us with regards to text messages they have received with regards to compensation claims

Riding position motorcycle claim

Riding position motorcycle claim

18 Mar 2011

I am an advanced riding observer and I was injured in an accident where a car pulled out from a side turning in front of me.

Legal Expenses Insurance Policy

Legal Expenses Insurance Policy

23 Jul 2010

Do I need to buy legal cover with my insurance policy? I have just had a quote for my renewal and I have had £20.00 put on it for me to buy a legal cover policy. 

Motorcycle Ankle Injury Accident Claim

Motorcycle Ankle Injury Accident Claim

30 Jun 2010

I was involved in a straightforward motorcycle accident, where the other driver’s insurers accept that their car driver was to blame, so I won’t go into detail about how the accident occurred.

Motorcycle Accident Claim - Wasted Time

Motorcycle Accident Claim – Wasted Time

I have been involved in a motorcycle accident and the insurers for the other side immediately accepted liability and paid for the repairs to my bike. I had some modest bumps and bruises, but after a couple of months I had no further problems.

Motorcycle Accident Claim? Immediate Action

Motorcycle Accident Claim? Immediate Action

27 May 2010

Over the years, since I first specialised in 1993 in motorcycle accident personal injury claims, I have seen good claims struggle because of lack of evidence gathered from the scene.

Pothole motorcycle accident - What to do?

Pothole motorcycle accident – What to do?

11 May 2010

I have come off my bike because of a pothole in the road that is about 1.5″ deep. I have contacted the Council but they have said that they’re not liable. Is there anything that I can do?

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