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“The Fast Bikes Legal Clinic is compiled by Andrew Dalton, and his bike riding barristers and solicitors at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.

They deal with personal injury claims and their sister company, Motor Defence Solicitors, deals with all the motoring offences. They know everything about bike law, Andrew is a former London motorbike courier turned barrister and solicitor, and we know he’s good.

All the White Dalton lawyers are qualified barristers, or solicitors, or both – and they all have full bike licences, too. They don’t act for insurance companies or the prosecution.

They are Britain’s most specialist law practice, and if they don’t know the answer to your question, there probably isn’t one. Don’t rely on the advice from your insurance appointed solicitor, get proper independent advice.”

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Illegal Visor

Illegal Visor

15 Sep 2005

I have been pulled in broad daylight, for having a dark iridium visor. I wasn’t carrying a spare and the police officer, who couldn’t find anything else to nick me for, told me that he was confiscating my visor as evidence. I’ve now got a summons and I am going to plead guilty. The visor […]



02 Sep 2005

I rode into London on my FZR1000, when an old boy pulled out on me at the head of a queue of traffic. He apologised, I wasn’t badly hurt, but my bike had a lot of plastics damage.

Speed King

Speed King

21 May 2005

I am being prosecuted for an accident where I was riding along a major carriageway, when an old dear in a car pulled out on top of me. I do not want to give away too many of my details, because the case is still live and ongoing but I was riding a brightly coloured […]

Slip Off And Rip-Off

Slip Off And Rip-Off

07 Apr 2005

I bought a standard Honda CBF1000 GT from my local dealers in September 2008.I bought the GT version because I wanted the extra bodywork, screen and panniers.

Sign Of The Times

Sign Of The Times

07 Apr 2004

I was riding my GSX-R 600, which I’d trailered down to Cornwall so I could go out and about on my bike when the rest of my family were doing family stuff.

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Every time I called Gavin to clarify a letter he had sent he was great at explaining + answering any questions I had


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Professional, outstanding service by all who dealt with the case



thank you very much for all the hard work you put into reaching a settlement.

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