I Bought a Bike at an Auction

You may not have any rights if you bought your bike at auction, particularly if:

  • you bought second hand goods
  • the motorcycle does not have to be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, or match its description
  • you had the opportunity to attend the sale in person
  • you were told that the Sale of Goods Act 1979 didn’t apply
  • you were told that the goods were “sold as seen”
  • the auctioneer shows that this (the above) was reasonable.

Remember, at an auction you enter into a contract with the original owner, not the auctioneer. An auction house is not obliged to give you the owner’s details, and tracing the owner can often be very difficult.

If you paid an indemnity fee, check whether this fee covers any particular problems you may have. If you discover your bike was recorded as a write-off on the HPI register, then you may have a claim under this indemnity policy.

Do not rely on any guarantees that came with the motorcycle, as they may not be transferable.

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