Excellent services

White Dalton provided excellent services. I had every confidence in Wayne and found him very thorough and very approachable. The case was dealt with very well. It was just unfortunate the other sides insurers were idiots.

MW 01 Jan 2006LocalBusiness

Excellent. I was particularly impressed with the way this was dealt with – using plain language, person to person.

AE 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness

Excellent. I am very pleased with your service

GB 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness

Excellent. Mr Weir kept me well informed during the case. My telephone calls were always returned. It was a pleasure to deal with Mr Weir all the way through

CK 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Absolutely first class

Absolutely first class. Wayne was brilliant. I was less than quick to respond to his letters and e-mails, but he was very understanding and sympathetic.

PV 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Very good, updated frequently

Very good, updated frequently. I was sent frequent correspondence updating me on the progress of my case, and it was all completed in a short period of time, with great efficiency

ZK 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Excellent, friendly service

Excellent, friendly service. No complaints overall. Wayne reacted to my concerns and worries. Settling the claim quickly and to my satisfaction. Took away all the fears I had about dealing with solicitors.

LT 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness

Excellent. Professional, friendly, exceeded expectations

SH 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Very efficient

Very Efficient. Very well. I was very satisfied with the end result. My feedback was timely and very informative

CS 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness

Excellent. First class customer service

DS 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness

Excellent. I felt completely confident I was being given the correct advice in a no nonsense way throughout. Overall I feel my case was dealt with brilliantly. Thank you very much. Happy riding!

DB 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Very Efficient. Great service

Very Efficient. Great service. No complaints at all. I was kept informed of all going on and talked through any actions or decisions taking place.

MR 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Professional and candid from day one

Professional and candid from day one. I felt well advised from start to finish. I have no doubt that a non-biker advisor would not have achieved what White Dalton did in handling my case. They were on my side and understood the accident. I am sure that this helped reach a successful outcome and it certainly made life easier for me.

KH 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
A very prompt, efficient service

A very prompt, efficient service. I was pleased with the speed of settlement. I was kept informed promptly of developments and given good advice as to the best approach at all stages. Very satisfied with the end result. Thank you.

NH 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Very Professional

Very Professional. I’m happy with the outcome of my case and feel that I was given full, frank advice right from the start.

MH 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness
Very good, friendly, courteous

Very good, friendly, courteous, helpful. Very good, excellent service. Kept up to date. Always friendly. Kept jargon limited where possible but always ready to explain it where it was necessary. Well done.

JC 01 Jan 2005LocalBusiness