All our highly trained Solicitors and Barristers ride motorcycles. We provide professional legal advice, finely tuned with biking expertise - We Ride, We Know

Who is to Blame?

In collisions car drivers are generally at fault with the main cause of the accident being simply that the motorcyclist was not seen

Less specialist solicitors will often advise to accept greater responsibility than they should or even that there is no case at all

Accident Scenarios?

We are expert in arguments over responsibility, including difficult areas of speed, filtering and road surface defects

we regularly take over serious claims only to find the previous solicitors have seriously undervalued items of loss

Why use us

We will act on a no win, no fee basis, even if your case has been rejected by other solicitors

all White Dalton lawyers are motorcyclists, so they know the risks faced by motorcyclists on the road

Jo Readman - LLB (Hons) Senior Associate Solicitor

Video: Jo Readman - Senior Associate Solicitor

Profile of Jo Readman, Senior Associate Solicitor at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors, specialists in motorcycle accident claims.

I’m Jo Readman and I'm a senior associate solicitor at White Dalton. I joined the firm in 2007 as a trainee, having been one of their clients following a motorcycle accident in 1999.

I'm accredited as a Senior Litigator by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. I run my own mixed value caseload including some very high value cases. I also work closely with some of the leading personal injury QC's in the country.

My experience in dealing with serious and life changing injuries means that I can bring focus on the end result of all cases. One of my particular specialisms is taking cases from other solicitors and finding that they have been grossly undervalued by thousands to tens of thousands of pounds.

Having grown up around motorcycles, having my own bike licence and having been involved in a motorcycle accident means that I can bring my own personal experience to my work and means that I am not easily swayed by unfounded defendant arguments.

Jo Readman

  • Background: Yorkshire girl
  • Rides: Honda Hornet
  • Qualifications: LLB (hons) Law Exempting LPC. Senior Litigator, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Likes: A smart legal argument, shoes and a bargain
  • Dislikes: Keeping up with ex despatch rider senior partners in traffic
  • Favourite piece of riding kit – her Exo heated jacket or her Sidi vertebrae boots. Shoes or comfort? - a tough call!!

Jo has had a less chequered career before coming to White Dalton than some of the other lawyers here.

She has had her heart set on becoming a lawyer from a very young age, and went to university straight after leaving school, reading law at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle. Jo's previous jobs include waitress, barmaid and bowling alley receptionist.

Joanne Readman Injury Lawyer - senior litigator

Jo's first bike was a restricted Suzuki GS500 but she has recently swapped this for a 2003 Honda Hornet (600), which she loves and wishes she had bought in the first place. Dealing with motorcycle crashes every day gives Jo a realistic perspective on the risks of bike riding, and she has been known to point out to partners that their riding kit isn’t up to scratch.

Jo first came to the firm as a client 10 years ago and loved the atmosphere and camaraderie of the firm. Jo left University with a first class honours degree but rather than go to a commercial law firm, Jo wanted to relocate to the other end of the country to practice in the highly specialist field of motorcycle litigation. WDMS was so impressed by her during summer work placements that she joined us as a trainee solicitor, and she is now a qualified Solicitor and accredited as a Senior Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Jo comes from a family of bikers, so her motivation is clear.

Jo Readman Jo Readman

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