A motorcycle accident, no matter how serious, can be a very traumatic situation and in the heat of the moment when emotion and shock are running high it is sometimes easy to forget about making sure the necessary details have been taken and that you have acted correctly.

Here is our Immediate Action Checklist to remind you of what should be done after a motorcycle accident and the information that should be taken immediately. Doing so will give you the best chance of making a successful motorcycle accident compensation claim.

Most importantly, stay calm

Emotions can run high after being knocked off your motorbike. The calmer you are the better chance you have of making sure that the necessary information is collected at the scene of the accident. This evidence will help when you start a motorcycle accident compensation claim.

1. Should I call 999 for the Police and/or ambulance?

Call 999 and report the accident to the Police. If serious injuries have been sustained get medical attention. Both of these actions will help with evidence later on should you start a motorcycle accident compensation claim as the Police will have written a Police Report, and your injuries will have been recorded by the Hospital or by your GP.

2. What details should I record of the other driver(s)?

Record driver and witness details. Make a note of the licence plates, colour, make and model of vehicle(s) and drivers licence numbers of the other parties involved – also collect the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the other motorists/riders involved. If there are witnesses, it will be beneficial to collect their contact details as well as they will be able to corroborate the circumstances leading up to the accident.

3. What sort of photos should be taken?

Take photos of the accident scene. If you have a smartphone with you or there is someone available to, take photos of the accident scene, including any damage done to vehicles. Photographing things like skid marks and damaged road furniture / signage will also form part of the evidence when you commence a personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident. If the accident was caused by a road surface defect or similar then photograph these as well before the defect(s) are repaired by the local authorities.

4. What other evidence is useful?

In some scenarios it is possible that the motorbike accident may have been caught on CCTV cameras, for example, from nearby shops, petrol stations or even public transport. If this is the case it might need to be obtained fairly quickly as CCTV systems usually have a small retention period.

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with many drivers and motorcyclists installing them. Check with witnesses if they have a dash cam and whether it recorded the incident.

5. What should I do with my damaged motorbike and clothing?

Keep damaged motorbike and clothing. It is important that a damaged motorbike and any damaged protective motorcycle clothing are retained as it may form part of evidence in your claim at a later stage. If you have the original receipts for your motorbike / clothing they should also be retained.

6. What happens when I call you to discuss the accident?

One of our solicitors will talk through the events that led up to the accident, the injuries sustained and damage to motorbike and/or protective clothing. They will then assess your chances of claiming for compensation after your motorbike accident.

Seek legal advice for a motorcycle accident. As soon as possible call us on 0800 783 6191 or email mail@whitedalton.co.uk.