Accident Scenarios: U-Turn

When a car does a U-turn in the road, it can present a danger to other road users, including motorcyclists, in several ways:

  • Limited visibility: The turning vehicle may obstruct the view of other drivers or riders, making it difficult to anticipate the vehicle’s movements and adjust their own driving accordingly.
  • Unpredictable movements: A vehicle making a U-turn may suddenly change direction, making it challenging for other road users to anticipate where the vehicle is heading, and respond accordingly.
  • Increased risk of collision: As the turning vehicle crosses over into the opposite lane of traffic, there is an increased risk of collision with vehicles traveling in that lane, including motorcyclists.
  • Reduced reaction time: Motorcyclists may have less time to react to a vehicle making a U-turn.
  • Increased risk for head-on collisions: If a driver misjudges the speed or distance of oncoming traffic, they may turn in front of a motorcyclist or other vehicle, causing a head-on collision.

Overall, it is essential for all road users to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings, especially when encountering a vehicle making a U-turn. Motorcyclists should always maintain a safe following distance and be prepared to react quickly if necessary to avoid a collision.


31 Oct 2022

Very professional

Very professional, while maintaining a helpful & friendly manner. 100% better from the original insurance appointed solicitors

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31 Oct 2022

100% Better

Andrew Dalton took charge and was efficient & sympathetic from our first phone call to White Dalton to the case conclusion. We were at our wits’ end by the lack of communication & progress from the solicitors originally appointed by our insurance company.

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28 Jan 2019

Very Happy

Very happy with the service provided, thank you. Efficient and easy to understand. I am pleased with the way my case was dealt with. Having a solicitor made everything easier. I will recommend White Dalton to anyone requiring solicitors for this sort of claim.

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23 Jul 2018

Straight forward + efficient

I had much more confidence + I was kept informed through each stage of the claim unlike the service I had received from my previous solicitor

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06 Apr 2018

Over the Moon

Professional & prompt. I am over the moon with the service and I would definitely recommend you to anyone

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