Accident Scenarios: Rear End

Motorcycle accidents which involve a vehicle driving into the rear of a motorcycle usually occur due to an inattentive or distracted driver, or one that isn’t driving appropriately for the road conditions, such as excessive speed into a blind corner. Junctions and entrances into roundabouts also pose an increased risk for rear end motorcycle accidents.


05 Apr 2022

100% Satisfaction!

Competent, Proficient, Friendly

Solicitor used: Robert Dransfield Scenario:


15 Nov 2021

Very thorough and quick

[Dealt with] very well

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


09 Apr 2021

Great Service

Great service throughout. I doubt my recovery would have been so good without your help

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


05 Mar 2021

Very Professional

[Dealt with] very well plenty of info on what was happening. I felt very confident with case. Very polite would recommend White Dalton

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


18 Jan 2021


Martyn & team have been superb! Considering Covid and adapting I feel the job done was excellent

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


30 Oct 2020

More than satisfied

I have been more than satisfied with your service especially during the Covid times. Very professional from the initial phone call for advice.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


04 Sep 2020


I would like to thank White Dalton and all those involved in my case for their attention and service throughout. This is the second time I have had the need to use the services of the company, and both times they have proved invaluable.

Solicitor used: Robert Dransfield Scenario:


16 Mar 2020


Always happy to help, polite and excellent communication through email / post and over the phone. Filled me with confidence from day one – no complaints at all. Despite issues defendants and previous solicitors, Andrew was always helpful and in good spirit. I’m very grateful for all his hard work over the two years

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario: ,


03 Mar 2020


Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


31 Jan 2020

Friendly and approachable

Gave me a lot of advice before even taking on my case. My expectations were fully met. Dealt with very professionally.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


20 Dec 2019

White Dalton have been fantastic

Since my accident over a year and a half ago White Dalton have been fantastic.

From the very first phone call they were everything you would want and expect from a top solicitor company with the added benefit of them all being bikers themselves. Keya had the complex case from the beginning and she really made me feel at ease throughout. I honestly cannot reccomend them enough and I’m very happy with the outcome. Thanks again Keya and the whole White Dalton team.”



29 Jul 2019

Professional, polite & thorough

Kept things realistic

Solicitor used: Gavin Grewal Scenario:


17 Jun 2019

Excellent and couldn’t fault the service

Really pleased and made recommendation of W&D on GSER forums.

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


11 Mar 2019

Excellent Professionalism

Friendly, professional advice on all aspects of claim, I now know the best options to take in case of a future incident

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


25 Feb 2019


[Dealt with] satisfactorily

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


22 Feb 2019

Very good

Very pleased with outcome

Solicitor used: Gavin Grewal Scenario:


15 Feb 2019

Professional, Friendly and Thorough

I am pleased with how the case went overall and feel WDMS went the extra mile to ensure a satisfactory outcome

Solicitor used: Andrew Dalton Scenario:


08 Jun 2018

High quality standard

Martyn Dey has provided a high quality standard of service to me. If I haven’t understood something he has called me straight away to clarify options.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


11 May 2018

Very thorough

Knowledgeable & genuine helpful. Martyn and his secretaries have been very professional – I have recommended him to others.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


06 Apr 2018


[Dealt with] much better

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


29 Jan 2018


[Dealt with] promptly & professionally

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


28 Jul 2017

Very professional

Clearly explained, helpful. I am very happy with the way the case was dealt with, thank you


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Client Feedback

White Dalton have handled 1000's of motorcycle accident cases over the years. Here is some feedback from some of our recent clients...

Professional, courteous and informative

The case followed the procedures I would have expected. Frustratingly slow sometimes waiting for responses from the other solicitors


Courteous & friendly

Prompt & first class. With thanks and the right result.



Friendly, professional, understanding, courteous. No comparison, White Dalton (Andrew Prendergast)


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