Accident Scenarios: Car pulled out


27 Sep 2019

Very professional and reassuring

The service provided by White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors was very professional and reassuring. Everyone that I communicated with at White Dalton explained things clearly and ensured I was kept up to date and aware of everything happening. I really appreciate the honesty, professionalism and sincerity from everyone I communicated with at White Dalton.

Its hard to compare White Dalton’s services to the services of a solicitor I used in the past due to the cases being so completely different. When I first started riding in London I was knocked off my bike and the case was very straight forward with minimal damage/injury. I would say everyone I communicated with at White Dalton was extremely professional and informative. In this way it is similar to my previous experience.

If its helpful – I chose White Dalton over my previous solicitor because I recognised that this case was going to be more complex and I felt that was better suited to an organisation versus a single person operation. What I found from doing Google searches led me to call you and Gavin Grewal was the first solicitor I spoke to at White Dalton. Gavin really helped to reassure me and leave me with confidence that White Dalton was the right choice.

Overall I am very happy with the way the case was dealt with. In particular I have the highest praise for Martyn who seemed to sense when I was struggling and made a point of speaking to me to reassure me and keep things on track. I am really happy with the outcome, I had hoped this process would result in me being able to move myself forward in life again and it has very much provided for that.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


23 Sep 2019

Very Good

Overall very good, pleased with the result and realise it was not a clear cut case

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


30 Dec 2017

Dealt with efficiently and correctly

Very appreciative of the service received



29 Dec 2017

Always very professional

Courteous and friendly. Knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents. Very pleased I chose your firm to deal with the case and always felt I was speaking to a friend when talking to Gavin Grewal. Would recommend you to anyone. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you!

Solicitor used: Gavin Grewal Scenario:


20 Dec 2017

Efficient, concise and professional

[Dealt with] logically, smoothly without ambiguity



18 Dec 2017

Professional, communicative and efficient

I felt it was very professional and efficient. The lawyer kept me informed every step of the way with very little to no issues at all



25 Aug 2017

A pleasure to work with

Compared to the two solicitors I used for this case White Dalton are certainly professional, honest & push for the best outcome for their clients. What would I change? That your visiting solicitor takes his stomping great motocross boots off before he walks across my carpet! 😉 My case was dealt with extremely professionally & very smoothly. Andrew & his team are a pleasure to work with.


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White Dalton have handled 1000's of motorcycle accident cases over the years. Here is some feedback from some of our recent clients...



Well informed

I was well informed all of the way, I would not think twice about using you again or recommending you to a friend.


Excellent, exceedingly competent & professional

I was very pleased with service throughout, from initial introduction to White Dalton through to settlement. I was kept will informed and the letters were Read more...


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