Accident Scenarios: Accident on roundabout

Roundabouts pose a multitude of risks for motorcyclists. Aside from hazards like diesel spills and pot holes, there are additional risks from motorists not seeing a motorcyclist, either from lack of attention or an obstruction such as signage or shrubs planted in the middle of the roundabout. Lane management either on the entrance or exit from a roundabout and motorists that fail to indicate or in the wrong lane all contribute to increased risks of motorcycle accidents at roundabouts.


22 Dec 2023


An efficient and personal service. Very pleased

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


13 Feb 2023

Huge thank you

Huge thank you to the Team, Gavin was an absolute gem throughout. Great experience and will come back again (hopefully wont need to though)

Solicitor used: Gavin Grewal Scenario:


05 Dec 2022

Very professional

All questions answered promptly, top advise when needed. Case was dealt with as promptly as it could be with a positive outcome for me. Not had any problems from day one.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


13 May 2022

The best of the best

Faultless, professional and dedicated

Solicitor used: Andrew Dalton Scenario:


08 Apr 2022

Really happy

Very helpful and friendly and kept us up-to-date. I was really happy with the whole experience, I was grateful I could just leave it in your hands

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


10 Nov 2021

[Dealt with] very well

My personal thanks to Martyn. Let’s hope I never need your services again!

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:


09 Oct 2020

A pleasure

Never having dealt with solicitors for motor accidents before I was pleasantly surprised of the relaxed yet professional way Andrew dealt with my case. Excellent!

My case was a lengthy one because of its involvement with the French legal system. Andrew managed my expectations with estimations of time and costs. You also managed my expectations around my recovery. You have been spot on! Almost three years to the date of my accident i’m still having issues with the ribs.

I may never fully recover properly but dealing with you brought the culprit to justice and that made a huge difference to one’s self-esteem. Thank you for all your time and patience in beinging this case to a more than satisfactory conclusion.

Solicitor used: Andrew Dalton Scenario:


16 Mar 2020


Always happy to help, polite and excellent communication through email / post and over the phone. Filled me with confidence from day one – no complaints at all. Despite issues defendants and previous solicitors, Andrew was always helpful and in good spirit. I’m very grateful for all his hard work over the two years

Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario: ,


03 Mar 2020



Solicitor used: Andrew Prendergast Scenario:


08 Mar 2019

Very Good

[Dealt with] very well



25 May 2018

Very prompt & professional

Kept up-to-date regularly with letters and phone calls, very satisfied with your assistance and the outcome of my case. Thank you to you all.

Solicitor used: Martyn Dey Scenario:

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Top quality



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