Can I get a witness!

Can I get a witness!

08 May 2014

I was filtering through heavy traffic, moving at less than walking speed. The gap in front of me started closing so I braked, not especially sharply. I was then hit from behind by another bike. Whilst I did not sustain any injuries, my pillion sustained a glancing blow to her foot, but not enough to […]

Is your 'lawyer' really on your side?

Is your ‘lawyer’ really on your side?

20 Sep 2013

And, don’t assume that you’re in the wrong if you get knocked off while filtering…

Filtering and/or overtaking and claiming for injuries

Filtering and/or overtaking and claiming for injuries

16 Jan 2013

Even though a biker may not be criminally liable for filtering and having a collision, it is a long established legal principle that a biker who is out of the ordinary flow of traffic by overtaking or filtering places themselves at potential risk and therefore has to take extra care. If they do not and […]

Filtering and/or overtaking slow moving or stationary traffic

Filtering and/or overtaking slow moving or stationary traffic

08 Jan 2013

A great advantage of riding a bike is that you can often avoid getting snared in slow moving or stationary traffic with our larger, wider motoring companions by filtering or overtaking. I have been riding bikes on the road since I was 16 years old and have owned many, from my trusty Honda C90 to […]

Motorcycle Filtering Accident Claim

Motorcycle Filtering Accident Claim

21 Jul 2010

My son was in an accident where he was filtering down the outside of standing or slow traffic, when a car pulled out of a ‘give way’ junction to cross the central reservation and join the opposite carriageway.

from A to B and back again

from A to B and back again

26 May 2009

I know the point of any journey is essentially to get you from A to B, but this weekend we took this quite literally, and rode from Aylesbury to Bognor.  What was supposed to be an interesting journey there with less motorway/dual carriageway and more country roads would have been more accurately described as a […]

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