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Flip-up helmets and the law

Flip-up helmets and the law

18 Oct 2018

If you have a modular or flip-up helmet warm weather can tempt you into riding flipped up, as it does most of the Metropolitan Police in the summer. But is it legal?

When 'advanced riding' isn't

When ‘advanced riding’ isn’t

07 Jun 2018

The skills advanced riding gives you are definitely worth having. At their most basic, you position yourself to look through bends, react to what is in front of you, and ride within your braking distances. However, does it make any positive difference in the cold and hard analysis of Judges, if things go pear shaped?

The trouble with kids and horses...

The trouble with kids and horses…

24 May 2018

In English law there are classes of road user defined by The Highway Code as vulnerable. We are one of them along with cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and children. The concept extends to the elderly, the disabled and learner drivers.

Insurance and the aftermarket

Insurance and the aftermarket

26 Apr 2018

If you are, or soon will be, buying a new bike the odds are that sometime during the process the sales person will come to you with an accessories catalogue and your bank account will cringe.

Track day issues

Track day issues

08 Mar 2018

Some of you may have heard that road traffic insurance is compulsory for track days following the European Court of Justice’s decision in a case called Vnuk.

Prosecution by mobile phone

Prosecution by mobile phone

25 Jan 2018

I am sure readers of Bike are wise enough not to use apps that show on social media their riding patterns, or otherwise invite thieves to know the exact pattern of movement of their motorcycles. But such apps do exist, for the dull witted.

Filter tips

Filter tips

14 Dec 2017

At the risk of sounding like a full-fat law dweeb the Court of Appeal said, back in 1972, that a motorcycle filtering outside of a temporarily stationary queue was ‘entitled so to do’

They look, but they don't see...

They look, but they don’t see…

09 Nov 2017

The Highway Code speaks of drivers ‘looking but not seeing’ motorcyclists. It suggests, rather differently, that high visibility clothing might help but beyond that is there anything we motorcyclists can do to make ourselves more visible, and if we do not is the law unsympathetic?

The curse of gravel chippings

The curse of gravel chippings

12 Oct 2017

The biking season coincides with the Councils ‘top dressing’ the carriageways. This is a process by which the top 30 to 50mm of the road surface is replaced with small granite chippings.

Ticket (not) to ride

Ticket (not) to ride

07 Sep 2017

Riding on the continent is usually a very enjoyable way of spending your summer, but if your souvenirs include a speeding ticket can you safely ignore the penalty, and what happens if you can’t?

It's a sign of the lines

It’s a sign of the lines

20 Jul 2017

The attraction of technically challenging tarmac is catnip to most riders. A new twisty road, with some nice black top and the little black and white chevrons is an invitation for riders to play.

Feet first or suffer the consequences

Feet first or suffer the consequences

15 Jun 2017

The most common injuries I see in my job are injuries below the knee. I have to admit I am not one of those people who pops down to the shop wearing full body armour.

Illumination for the nation...

Illumination for the nation…

25 May 2017

As many adventure riders will tell you auxiliary lights seem to make riders more visible to car drivers. I certainly notice I seem less visible on my enduro bike than I do on my BMW GS with the semi obligatory auxiliary light.

The overtake and the law

The overtake and the law

13 Apr 2017

Remarkably the law says little about overtaking. The acceleration and manoeuvrability of a motorcycle has long been recognised by the Civil Law and drivers, contrary to urban myth, actually have to look before they change their position in the road potentially moving into the path of an overtaking motorcyclist.

Riding in groups: the pros and cons

Riding in groups: the pros and cons

17 Mar 2017

There are some old pre-war cases which place a high duty on leading riders and this has led to some strange advice and some odd prosecutions for motorcyclists riding in a group.

A horn ain't noise pollution

A horn ain’t noise pollution

02 Jun 2016

Old cases often refer to drivers or riders ‘sounding their horn,’ but the use of the horn has come to be seen as more of a rebuke than a warning and sometimes as an excuse for road rage.

Don't let the Red Mist get you

Don’t let the Red Mist get you

12 May 2016

One of the fairly common accident scenarios I get is when riders overtake drivers who do something peculiar when the rider is alongside.

Dark visors and legal grey areas

Dark visors and legal grey areas

31 Mar 2016

Shoei and Bell,among other visor and helmet manufacturers have brought out ‘photochromatic’ or ‘reactolite’ visors, which darken in direct sunlight. I think this is a brilliant idea but, like conventional dark visors, is illegal if the visor tints to any appreciable degree in the sun.

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