Managing Partner Gav Grewal took part in his first ‘fly and ride’ track day. Three days at Portimao arranged with Focused Events. The track is more commonly known as ‘The Viper’ and it certainly does have a bite!

They had the usual red flags throughout the time at track, but generally the riding was sensible but there was an off.

Gav explained: “Whilst my friend was under tuition from the resident racer, the second pupil came in far too hot and struck my mate in the rear. Injuring him and causing about £3k to £4k damage to the bike.

“Now, the law on this issue is quite clear. Where there is an accident involving two people from the same country, it is irrelevant the accident happened abroad (in Portugal, in this case).

“This is one of the rare occasions where Brexit has not impeded the power of the UK courts to offer a remedy. You can be sued by a fellow rider if you are negligent, and this results in damage or injury.”

He adds: “Thankfully, this is rare, and the two bikers were able to sort it out track side without needing to get litigious, but it is a reminder to take care on track. These events are not quasi race events, they are track days designed for leisure.”

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