Currently it is up to individual local authorities to decide if motorcyclists can access bus lanes but it’s neither universal nor consistent. In his foreword to the consultation document, Guy Opperman, Minister for Roads and Local Transport says: “Motorcycles are an important but sometimes overlooked mode of transport, not just by drivers who fail to spot bikers, but occasionally by government too. Their size and nature make them a dynamic and affordable option for road users, and with that it’s only right that our roads become as dynamic as those using them.”

Andrew Dalton, Senior Partner at White Dalton said: “We welcome this news because allowing motorcyclists to use bus lanes, with consideration for others, could be of significant benefit. A consistent approach would cut the confusion bikers currently experience riding from one area to another, create shorter journey times, and could add to the safety of bikers as we are a vulnerable user group on our roads. Ultimately it could also lead to less congestion on our roads so a win for everyone. If you think so too then now is the time to make your views known.”

The consultation runs until 9th June 2024 and you can respond either online or by downloading a form.