He’s now the proud owner of a Fantic Caballero 500 Deluxe, after diligently checking his tickets for 15 years!

Graham described the moment he wondered if he was close to winning. He said: “We were on holiday and I got the newsletter. I saw the first three numbers were 147 which I knew were mine as they’re the highest break in snooker, but I couldn’t remember the other numbers and told my wife I bet they’ll be either side of my ticket! When I got home and checked I couldn’t believe it.

As a bike rider for many years, Graham has been supported in his love affair by his understanding wife, Selena, who even bought him a brand new Honda Goldwing, as a gift in 2009. This little Fantic seems destined to have been his too, as it’s log book is the 21st September, which is their 45th Wedding Anniversary. He says it will be a great bike for running around locally and even a little bit of off-roading too.

Congratulations to Graham, and Selena from all the team at White Dalton, although we hope Graham gets her an equally nice present too!

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