For bikers filtering is as much a part of biking (especially in towns and cities) as breathing is to everyone. Yet we face the constant hazard of being taken out by car drivers who are intent on doing u-turns or trying to outrun stationary traffic by one car length as they swap between lanes.

Al Fagan of talks with our Gavin Grewal of White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors about two cases involving the worst kind of driver – those who fail to stop after hitting a biker.
Even Al, who’s pretty hardened to most things, winces at the first video – and we all breathe a sigh of relief that the biker is left walking wounded and not worse.

Detective work by our team can often make the difference between an injured biker getting paid out and compensated for their injuries. Watch the interview and see both collisions and let us know your views too. If “that awful man” is watching maybe he’ll comment on why he thought it was appropriate to drive away, complete with bumper hanging off!

Filtering is not illegal so if you get knocked off when doing so pick up the phone and call us first – not your insurer. We’ll talk you through your options.