As I turned into her road my front end just slid out. I hit the deck like a sack of potatoes and fractured my wrist. Upon getting up I saw a patch of the road was very slippery. I got loads of photos and a video showing it.

I spoke to my Mum’s neighbour who told me they have a mobile kebab van that comes around once a week and had been there the day before.

I wonder if it was that? Can I claim against the kebab van? Or do I just put it down to one of those things?


To bring a successful claim against the kebab van, you need to be able to prove on the balance of probabilities that they left the slippery patch on the road and this caused you to fall off.

The fact that you have photos and video will help and I would find out their details and direct the claim to them. From what you have said it seems possible that something came from their van that caused the accident, i.e. cooking oil or grease. so you may be successful.

However, if you cannot prove on the balance of probabilities the kebab van caused this, then you should consider making a claim against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau under the untraced driver’s scheme.

Every time we all pay motor insurance some of the money goes in a big pot used to compensate people. In short, if you can prove the slippery patch came from an untraced vehicle that should be insured, you can claim against the MIB.

Andrew Prendergast

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