Basically I played around with the comparison websites like everyone does, changing the answers until I found the cheapest policy and then bought that one.

All was good until last Christmas when I was giving my mate a lift home from work. As I was going around a tight left-hander, the front wheel washed out and we ended up in a ditch. I’m super experienced and reckon we hit diesel or gravel. However, the officious copper who arrived reckoned it was the front tyre on a greasy road.

Whilst it was technically legally low on tread, I’ve done enough track days to know how to ride. After some heated words with the copper, he then told my mate he could probably claim off me for his broken leg. And that’s what he’s done, the cheeky git.

My insurers have paid him out £10,000 but now reckon they can come after me as apparently I opted not to take out insurance to carry a pillion and told them it was in a garage when it was not (I live in a flat).

I’ve done my nut. I said I will see them in Court as I want everyone to know how much of a rip-off insurance companies are! Can I get a no win, no fee solicitor to do this and take them to the cleaners? I could do with the cash.


As your insurer issued an insurance certificate, they have to pay out for any damage or loss caused by you. Because your mate is effectively an innocent pillion in this unfortunate mess, he can claim against you for his broken leg, and your insurer will compensate him for it.

However, on the basis you didn’t provide true answers to get the cheapest insurance policy, you now have a serious problem. In simple terms, if you did not come with ‘clean hands’ when entering the contract, your insurer can now come after you for the money they had to pay out to your mate.

As for taking your insurer to Court, you need to give your head a wobble. The only way I see this ending up at Court is if you do not pay your insurer and they sue you for their money.

Andrew Prendergast

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