Two operations later and some metalwork inserted and I’m home, only to find an invoice for the bike recovery and storage. I’ve tried to get hold of the copper’s boss as he should have told me there was a charge. I’ve also asked my insurer to sort it, but they reckon it’s nothing to do with them as I’m only insured third party, fire and theft!

Do you think I’ve got a leg to stand on?


I’m afraid you ‘haven’t got a leg to stand on’ (no pun intended) with the Police or your insurer. Starting with the policeman, he has the power to remove a motorbike (or any other vehicle for that matter) that has been left or parked illegally, obstructively or dangerously, or that has been abandoned or broken down, etc.

So, if your poor old bike is in bits, Mr Plod can legally have it removed to make the road safe for everyone else to use. As for the charges, over the years, governments have repeatedly taken the view these costs should not be paid out of the ‘public purse’. The charges are detailed in Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums and Charges) Regulations 2008. For bikes, the removal fee is £150 and storage is £10 per day.

Whilst I know insurers don’t generally like to pay out, yours are correct on this occasion. You only paid to cover your bike if it caught fire or was stolen. My advice is pay the fees before the recovery company threaten to dispose of the bike (which they can) and then look to claim these back from whoever spanked you off.

Andrew Prendergast

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