I was involved in quite a high energy impact on my motorbike, I broke my pelvis and still have pains in my lower spine.

I made a fairly decent recovery, but I have a problem. My old fella will not perform reliably. I’m 47. I’ve had my kids, I had a vasectomy and I don’t want any more children. but I do not fancy the idea of another 40 years of me hoping that occasionally my little Mickey will rise to the occasion.

My wife is understanding, and despite thinking before my accident I was a bit of a sex pest, she is not enjoying her new life as a nun. As far as I can tell, my marriage is okay but this is a real strain.

I’ve raised this with my solicitors and they say that because I’ve had my kids, the value of my claim goes up around £20,000 but that’s my lot.


I have seen your solicitor’s advice, and I understand their proposition but it is wrong.

Your solicitors have added together the value of your pelvic and spinal injuries, noted that you have permanent impotence and come up with the valuation which is very much at the lower end of what I think you will get in court, but there is a much better solution for you.

The number they are suggesting as an opening bid is a really bad day in court. In my line of work I have acted for scores of men who have had pelvic injuries.

The younger men, and I am talking about under 30, will often recover from pelvic injuries without any loss of sexual function. In middle age the problem is rather more marked, and I reckon about one in three of the men I deal with, aged over 40 with either a pelvic injury or another direct impact to the groin (the unfortunate ‘knacker cracker as your crown jewels impact with your fuel tank) are left with damaged sexual function. There are three basic causes.

The first is physical damage to the nerves, including one especially vulnerable nerve to a sudden deceleration on a petrol tank.

The second is psychosexual, perhaps best described as performance anxiety, especially if your wife has been your carer and you feel less of a man, because you have been so vulnerable.

The third is pain putting you off your stroke. What you describe is pretty typical.

There is a fourth – if you are on anti-depressants, pain killers, some diabetes drugs and so on, they can play havoc with your sex drive but you are not on any of the usual suspects. You have an occasional morning glory, so that means your plumbing works. That is good news.

Dozens of my clients have been seen by specialist urologists who prescribe the old favourite, Viagra or similar. What seems to work very well is a low daily dose, which gives you a bit of a stiffener, gets over the performance anxiety and you get something like your sex life back.

A private prescription of Viagra costs around a grand a year and you definitely need a urologist report. Your solicitors may be right that your erectile dysfunction only puts about £20,000 on the value of your case.

On its own, complete impotence for a middle-aged man is worth £40-£70,000 but the law does not simply add each injury together but I think £20,000 is too low an addition. However, on the presumption that you will still have a sex life to the age of 75 your private prescription for Viagra would be worth about £27,000 on its own. That is a simple remedy – If you need more or the drugs need to be tinkered about with then the numbers go up.

The urologist can also say which of the drugs you are on for pain relief are causing you erectile dysfunction. You need that urological report. So does your wife. She didn’t sign up to become a born again virgin. Neither did you.

Andrew Dalton

Fast Bikes Mag – January 2021