What are the odds – We can’t even calculate them! Of the three prize bikes recently won not one BUT TWO have been with prize cards from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!

If that isn’t proof you need to hang onto your ticket and kept checking those numbers we don’t know what is!

Recent winners are Simon from Bristol who hasn’t got a bike due to not having a garage. He’s the chap with glasses and is our second winner who has been religiously checking for 15 years after we successfully represented him in a claim many years ago.

Richard, in the red and black jacket, is a big-time biker with three machines already and is a member of the TRF. He enjoys riding off road and once almost had his head taken off by a Red Kite eating a rabbit on a lane!

Both received their winnings from Gavin Grewal, Partner.

Winning Number – How to claim

These number(s) will change 5pm on 23 April 2021 so if you have the lucky number you must show the card to us before 5pm on 23 April 2021 to claim the motorcycle. Alternatively you can claim the motorcycle by phoning us with your details as long as you have pre-registered your card. Full rules of the draw can be found by clicking here. Previous winners, FAQ, rules and how to register your cards can all be found on the main prize draw pages.

Win £250 Voucher for bike kit!

Monika won £250 in bike kit vouchers in February. So if you fancy £250 worth of vouchers to upgrade a bit of bike kit sign up to our free bike kit draw. Have you signed up?