Beefy409 [Yeoman Warder]

Beefy409 [Yeoman Warder]

With all that’s going on in the world it looks like many of us will be trying to find good staycations and places to visit when we’re finally allowed “out,out” again.

So for today’s Wish We Were There Wednesday I’d like to introduce you to this gentleman. Beefy409 is a Yeoman Warder (more commonly known as a Beefeater) at The Tower of London.

Thanks to his brilliant and entertaining vlogs on life at the Tower and his special relationship with Cyril the “flying” squirrel we’ve been right royally entertained at White Dalton HQ and several plan on visiting this historic landmark which he’s brought to life.

Beefy is also an avid biker and has had some major work done on his beloved Harley – here’s his video. Even if you’re not a Harley fan I think you can agree it’s certainly a work of art. You can check out the new seat too on his Facebook page.

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Posted by Andrew Prendergast. Last modified: February 12, 2021 at 11:04 am

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