34618 – 22009

We are drawing 2 numbers each week AND on every last Friday of each month 5 numbers will be drawn until we have a bike winner!

Winning Number – How to claim

These number(s) will change 5pm on 9 October 2020 so if you have the lucky number you must show the card to us before 5pm on 9 October 2020 to claim the motorcycle. Alternatively you can claim the motorcycle by phoning us with your details as long as you have pre-registered your card. Full rules of the draw can be found by clicking here. Previous winners, FAQ, rules and how to register your cards can all be found on the main prize draw pages.

Win £250 Voucher for bike kit!

It’s always good to get great feedback and this week I was delighted to receive this photo from Mr Derek Rickett. This gent won our free monthly prize draw for £250 of bike kit vouchers.

He’s very happy with his win and kindly sent a photo after he’d been out shopping. He also confirms our suspicions telling us “In Scotland Gore-tex boots are definitely needed”.

So if you fancy £250 worth of vouchers to upgrade a bit of bike kit sign up to our free bike kit draw and get yourself prepared for some winter riding. Have you signed up?