I managed to get up quickly and then it was like a scene from a bad 80s movie with me fighting in the street. I fended the two scumbags off until some locals grabbed them.

It was only later when the Police arrived that I realised one of the scum had stabbed me in the leg and I’d broken my wrist when I’d been pushed off.

I’ve now been off work for six weeks and lost a fair chunk of money. Is there any way I can get compensated, as I don’t reckon the scum will have a pot to pee in even if I sued them and won?


I reckon even Jackie Chan would have struggled fighting two scumbags with a broken wrist.

If they are, in fact, ‘men of ‘straw’ you could go through a lengthy and costly court case, get an order against them and never actually see any money.

The easiest path to take is to apply to The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. In simple terms, this is a government-funded scheme that compensates blameless victims of violent crime in Great Britain.

If you qualify they will pay out for mental or physical injury and loss of earnings, etc, following a crime of violence.

The Government website is very useful. Whilst it can take a long time to get paid out, there is a fund to help you.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

On2Wheels November 2019