Liability was admitted and my solicitor got some interim payments. We were due to head to court to let a judge decide how much I should get.

However, my solicitor has just sacked me for lying after the other side sent her a video of me running a local marathon and working at a building site. The other side have also made an application to ‘strike out’ my entire claim.

If I had seen the video earlier I would have given a slightly different statement. Although it would have meant I would get less money, I wouldn’t have said I hadn’t returned to work and my foot was still causing problems.

So all in all I have been stitched up by the lorry driver’s solicitors and my own guys as I was injured and liability was admitted.

I’m going to go to court on my own as the judge will have to give me something. However, it does seems like the whole world is against me?


The only person who has ‘stitched’ you up is you. You’re a muppet who has lied and got caught.

You didn’t want to tell the truth because you would have got ‘less money’. Without wanting to preach, compensation is meant to do that. Compensate. It is not a lottery win.

Further, the whole world isn’t against you. However, the law is. Section 57 Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 deals with cases of ‘fundamental dishonesty.’ This means that if the court finds you have been lying about part of your claim, it can dismiss the whole of your claim, even if some of it is true.

Andrew ‘Chef’ Prendergast

Motorcycle Monthly September 2019